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More than 30 years of experience

Alimco AG is reputed as an international trading company operating in dairy products, food and food ingredients for processing industries and food retailing. The company’s annual turnover amounts to € 200 million.

Alimco Brokers AG, operating as international trading agency in the same branches, achieves a turnover of additionally € 50 million per year.

Therewith the Alimco group ranks among the leading European trading companies of its sector, reaching an annual trading volume of approximately 220 million kilograms.

On our clients’ service since 1975

Born as genuine service provider and based on its long-term experience and partnership, the company today counts many well-known European producers among its suppliers and the most important industries and end users among its trusted customers.

Despite its considerable growth, unlimited customer service remains the basic philosophy of the company.

In its continuous trading relationships with the most important countries in and outside Europe, Alimco additionally stands for:

  • Guaranteed quality
  • Reliable and correct transactions
  • Know how
  • Personal, international contacts

Beyond “milk and sugar”…

In addition to Alimco’s core operating businesses, Alimco Fin Holding has expanded its business interests in the following sectors: energy, real estate and finance. Alimco-group